loyal to my world. Let’s not display the cunningness that… | by zenyu | Mar, 2024

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Let’s not display the cunningness that only feels gratitude
when there are blessings.
Let’s not exhibit the cunningness that only sees moving forward as the only remaining option when there are blessings.

True loyalty to the world is also feeling gratitude when it’s tough.
Even in moments when tears burst out and you want to let go of everything, it’s mannered to briefly look back and feel gratitude to the world that has paved the path you’ve walked.

The present is an accumulation of the past.
The past is not a point of comparison to the present.

There’s no need to live immersed in longing for the past.
There’s no need to blame the present for not being as good as the past. me of today is the result of the past me living faithfully until now.

There’s no need to blame the world or long for the past.
My future is simply built upon the accumulation of my present self.

My world doesn’t desire friends who only flatter and express gratitude when they’re satisfied, nor does it desire superficial friends who criticize and blame when they’re dissatisfied.

Even when storms rage and fierce hurricanes strike our relationship,
my world desires friends armed with loyalty to stand by my side.

Have I been such a friend?
While also expecting more from the world, haven’t I given more to it as well?

If I were the world,
then I would cherish a bigger world for more devoted others.

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