I Tried Selling Ebooks For 100 Days | by Hammad Hassan | Mar, 2024

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My YouTube channel, “Tribal People Try,” is kind of a fun experiment.

Photo by Lucas Benvenuto on Unsplash

We film Pakistani tribal folks trying out different Western foods — their reactions are always priceless.

It got me thinking, why not flip the idea? What if I could share a bit of our amazing Pakistani cuisine with people in the West?

That’s how my cookbook idea was born. I figured, if there’s interest in what Westerners think of our food, maybe they’d like to try making it themselves.

I spent weeks perfecting recipes, taking photos, and designing the whole thing. In the end, I had my first cookbook ready to go.

Starting Small: The Test Run

I wasn’t sure where to sell my ebook, so I went with a platform called “Buy Me a Coffee.”

It’s super easy to use, and I already had a tiny following there from my YouTube channel.

To my surprise, the cookbook started selling right away! I even wrote a blog post about the…

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