From UnBound Intent: The Moreness Chronicles | by Sher | Mar, 2024

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Unleashing Authenticity

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There’s a never-ending story I tell myself as a survivor; an intimate exchange between the self I present to the world and my core being. At the heart of this dialogue lies a profound question I ask myself: How does what I feel fit into the view of my authentic self?

I am carefully considering the narratives I inherited and constructed throughout my life—the stories I believe form the foundation of my existence. Whose story am I listening to and telling myself? Is it the tale written in childhood, burdened with wounds that were too heavy for my small shoulders to bear? Or perhaps, it’s the narrative of freedom, of unbinding from the fabric of false beliefs and embracing the awesome truth of who I am.

I carry echoes of past traumatic experiences—the triumphs, the tribulations, the scars of battles fought and wounds endured. However, amidst the static from parts of myself crying for attention, there exists a clear and quiet whisper—the voice of my authentic self, longing to be heard and acknowledged.

I know how easy it is to lose sight of my truth; to be caught in the web of societal expectations, familial obligations, and self-imposed limitations. Yet deep within, there is a well of resilience—an untapped source of authenticity waiting to be unleashed.

To begin my journey of self-discovery I had to peel back the layers of conditioning, to sift through the sediment of societal norms and cultural constructs, and dig into the core of my true being. It requires courage—to confront the shadows of the past, to challenge the narratives that no longer serve me, and to embrace the vulnerability of raw authenticity.

So, how does what I feel fit my view of my authentic self? It’s a question that invites introspection, that asks me to look deep into the wounds and shadows of my soul and confront the truth of my being. It’s a question that demands honesty, vulnerability, and courage—a question that invites me to rewrite the narrative of my life. And as I explore and reframe the story of my life, I remember I hold the pen—I am the author of my story.

So, when in doubt, I ask whose story am I listening to and telling myself? Is it the old story of wounds and limitations, or is it the new story of resilience and authenticity?

This is the story of my journey to UnBound Moreness. I’ve already spent too long surviving.
I deserve to THRIVE. I’m not going to waste a minute more saying what I’m going to do. I learned long ago, if I can’t get out, go through.

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