4 Simple Strategies to Turn Failure into Growth | by Victor Zexi He | Pragmatic Wisdom | Mar, 2024

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Nobody’s immune to it.

Failure is an inevitable part of life and no matter how accomplished or successful someone may appear on the outside, they’ve undoubtedly dealt with their fair share of setbacks and letdowns along the way.

But why do we tend to be so remarkably terrible at handling it?

Here are 4 strategies that you can use to allow failures to educate rather than devastate your journey.

Failure isn’t a setback. It’s a call for change.

Whenever something doesn’t go as planned, our first instinct may be to react with intense frustration, resentment, or even anger at ourselves.

But this only leads to one thing: more failure.

So how do we flip the switch?

Get curious.

Rather than judgement, adopt a stance of objectivity. Ask yourself open-ended questions to explore the roots beneath the failure:

“What did I inadvertently miss or overlook?”

“What blind spots or limiting assumptions was I operating under?”

“How did I contribute or co-create the outcome I didn’t want?”

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