Humpday Nugget: Week 13 (2023) Rebirth/Renewal | by Humpday Nuggets By CNG | Mar, 2024

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Humpday Nugget: Week 13 (2023)

???? In the northern hemisphere spring is springing. We are also in the tailend of the Holy Week leading to the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter and in the midst of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. All these give me a sense of rebirth/ renewal & rekindled purpose.

???? As we close the first quarter of 2024, I encourage you to reflect on your 2024 goals and/or establish new ones, as needed. If you started on your goals and have even achieved some, well done. If you are not quite there or have not started, it is never too late to start, but don’t wait too long. With each new day comes a new opportunity to make a difference in your life & that of others.

???? Am also reflecting on those who lost their life or their loved ones this week in my community through the Key Bridge collapse and many others who are no longer with us. Not to mention the impact this will have on many lives. Indeed, each day is a PRESENT. Make the best of each moment and do not hold back telling and showing others how much you love, care, and/or appreciate them. Sending love to my people; I appreciate you.????

???? May you experience rebirth and renewal as we cross over to April & second quarter of 2024.

~CNG ????????

*Borrowed – well said. Every day is an opportunity for rebirth and renewal.
*Borrowed – ???? the truth is that rebirth is not always easy, but you must do what you need to do to rise again.
*Borrowed – ???? ???? with each end comes the opportunity for a new beginning. Embrace each day as an opportunity.

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