See Ya Around Clown. Sometimes tough decisions are the Best… | by Alan J. Schwarz | Mar, 2024

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Sometimes tough decisions are the Best ones…

Image by cdu445 from Pixabay

Lonnie Gold was twenty five and sitting in his office reviewing tenancy agreements. He was six foot one and was in peak shape. He looked at contracts everyday and he was bored out of his mind.

Lonnie always wanted to be a Lawyer but he missed his other passion, baseball. He was a pitcher and he still had an impressive fastball. The problem was he had no competition to stay sharp.

There was a ‘’Team Night’’ that Lonnie’s law firm had on a Friday Night at the end of every month in the Executive Dining Room. The EDR was reserved for partners but on Team Night, the entire firm was invited in to the inner sanctum. It was thought by many of the lawyers that getting into the EDR was motivation for becoming a partner.

The Law Firm, Henderson Keon Ellis tried to make Team Night a light event, but it was compulsory to attend. Lonnie looked at his watch and headed to the thirty seventh floor. It was five o’clock and he felt drained and unhappy. He seemed to be spinning his wheels and not moving forward. In fact, he wasn’t crazy about his boss Errol Thompson and that weighed on him. Errol never threw him a compliment, but was quick to criticize his work.

Once the hundred and twelve lawyers in the firm were assembled with the support staff, Carol Henderson stood on a chair to…

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