My ways to sidestep non-paying friends that want awesome knowledge | by John Hua Technology ☕️????????????️ | mStreams | Mar, 2024

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I ask for deposits and talk-time consultations because….

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Engineering, mechatronics, design, business

I went to school for business, engineering, and design. I have additional background and knowledge in various eleven other topics and specialties.

My adventurous hobbies and ventures into various spaces including architecture, interiors, hobbies, food restaurant work, and more often make me a nice conversationalist for many.

Unfortunately, that can come with an annoyance.

Some people and friends are simply looking for expense reductionism in their typical costs to even free work. I recently had an issue where people would try to use the middle school scare tactic of asking for me to prove my work to weasel it out for $0.

You know how it goes…. a person simply starts teasing and making an expert want to seek validation that they are indeed knowledgable so they start talking, oversharing, and eventually…. revealing the secret sauces of their profession without a deposit, consultation charge for the hour, or more.

  • What was your favorite restaurant this week?
  • What technology tools did you use for your business website?
  • How does function, scale, and grow?
  • I want to achieve financial freedom. What are you doing to get there?

Save the tips

Because of this kind of annoyance that was very disrespectful to my time and the monetization of my time, I have started to do this:

  • Ask for a deposit of funds upfront
  • Limit consultation talks to 15 minutes
  • Understand that time and work quality are not correlated.
  • I once provided $5,000.00+ in value within 15 minutes for a client.

RHCC. Bookmark.

Let me help you improve

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