How to Build A Sales Organisation — Build your Digital Presence | by Vangelis Sakelliou | Mar, 2024

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A centrepiece of crafting a digital representation, which speaks to a desired demographic, involves creating strategic content. Other than demonstrating the expertise of an organisation, blog posts, articles, videos and any other form of content must be oriented towards what a customer experiences and the struggles that he faces. Creation of meaningful content that educates, adds value, and can be shared increases the exposure of a sales organization’s website within digital channels by attracting organic traffic at each stage of the digital sales funnel.

The social media platforms become dynamic channels of extending the digital trails of sales organisations. Posting strategic information on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter), TikTok and Instagram enables direct communication with the viewers. Brand visibility is achieved through regular updates, involving engagements with industry conversations, relevant content, and facilitating a feeling of togetherness and belonging to a community. Similarly, social media channels provide an important avenue through which the marketing department can get information from customers about what works and does not work for them, allowing them to adjust their strategies accordingly.

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