Conquering the Cold-Call Monster: A Journey of Mind Collaboration | by Lydia Yan | Mar, 2024

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Recently, I watched a TED Talks video. It is about collaboration, the most important collaboration ever, the collaboration between people and their minds. The speaker believes that if we learn about four things about our brain and put these four things into practice, we’ll have success across the board at every level. I’m not going to share all four points with you, but I will only share with you the points I benefit from in this video. That’s the first point. Our mind does what it thinks we want it to do. Our mind does what it really thinks we want it to do. It’s always acting in our own interests, and our mind listens all the time to our language. It works out what we’re doing and feeling by the words we are using. If we tell our mind we don’t want to do it, and if our mind thinks we don’t want to do it, guess what? It will encourage us to procrastinate, bunk off, and not apply ourselves.

For me, I used to compete with myself on cold calls, yes, this thing. As a salesperson, I know cold call is part of my daily work and is the most effective method in business development. But the fact is, every time when it is time to make cold calls, I will find something else to do, lol. For example, I’ll say to myself, “Oh, it’s 2:57 pm, well let me make a cold call at 3:00 pm”, “Alright, let me take a cup of coffee before making cold calls”, just thousands of reasons to put off the movement of picking up my phone, dialling the number, waiting for the answer, and say hi. After watching this video, I suddenly started to pay attention to the voice in my mind and to notice what information my brain got from me.

One day, when I was dazing on our company balcony, I thought I’d make cold calls later on, and my emotions started against it when I was just thinking of this. Suddenly, I heard the voice in my mind. I noticed it was saying, “Oh, I see. My master says it is hard for her, and she does not feel good when she makes cold calls. Alright, I’m going to bring her away from this then.” Then I talked to my brain immediately, “No no no, you misunderstood me. My intention is not I don’t like to call; I like to make cold calls; that’s my active choice. I just don’t know what to say when talking to a prospect for the first time. You need to help me complete this task and to improve my skill on it step by step.” You know what happened then? My brain brought me to a deeper reason about this. I found it is not about not knowing what to say or how to do, but I’m afraid of the result. It is a fear of uncertainty. I don’t know what will happen after the phone gets through, but I want a result aligned with my designed template. Then, my brain started the analysis process automatically. (Well, a person with analytical strengths always enters analytical mode without realizing it, haha) It told me, “Alright, don’t worry about the result. Your job is to pick up your phone and dial that number. That’s it. After the tone, that’s their job. Just focus on what you can do, and don’t cross your boundaries.” You know what happened then? Yes, I started to do it just on that day. The impossible suddenly feels, well, possible!

From that day on, I told myself/my brain, “Okay, today let’s dial 30 numbers, then call it a day.” After practising knowing my brain & communicating with my brain, I really found something that used to be like a mountain for me become much smaller.

I made it~!!! So, if I can tame the cold-call monster lurking in my mind, trust me, you’ve got this, too! Let’s team up with our brains and conquer those mountains, one thought at a time!

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