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I was in contact with Lindsey, the brains behind The Writing Detective. After the newspaper world started to crumble, Lindsey didn’t just wait around; she took her vast experience in journalism and education and spun it into a thriving new business. It’s all about adapting, overcoming, and really nailing what it means to pivot your career path in a changing world.

Her current business specializes in elevating brands and driving results through its comprehensive suite of digital marketing and content services.

Here is what Lindsey Chastain CEO of The Writing Detective had to say.

I am the founder and CEO of The Writing Detective. I started my journey as an entrepreneur a little before my job was eliminated at a newspaper I managed. I knew that community newspapers were dying, so I came up with a business plan to use the skills learned as an English professor, reporter, and newspaper managing editor. Today, my business is thriving because I have found a way to take years of knowledge and pivot to a new business model.

What has been a major challenge you have overcome?

The largest challenge I faced was growing the business to the point where it replaced my full-time income and…

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