The 4 Habits Of Highly Disciplined People | by The Life Project | Revealing The Rules Of Reality | Mar, 2024

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Becoming disciplined isn’t hard if you know how to lay a good foundation.

After years of studying what made the worlds most disciplined people who they are I’ve identified four common habits among them.

These habits are:

Habit #1: The 3 G’s Of Willpower (Gym, Good Food, & Good Sleep)

Habit #2: Vitamin M: Meditation

Habit #3: Purpose Aka WHYpower

Habit #4: Maximizing motivation by Minimizing Stimulation

If you want to become disciplined, master these first and the rest will come easy.

The First Habit: The 3 G’s Of Willpower

If you want good output, you need good inputs brothesr

What determines if your car’s engine runs clean?

What you put in it.

If you want a car to run clean, you need to give it high quality gasoline right?

If you want your mind to run clean, you need to do the same.

What gas is to a car, the 3 G’s are to the human body.

What are they?

The First G: Good Food

My guys, do you think monks run on Taki’s and Four Lokos?

Do you think the U.S Navy gives seals KFC and donuts before they go on a mission?

No, obviously.

Ugh that pre-mission KFC aint sitting too well with me Rn


Because one of your brains first limiting factors is what you feed it, and if you’re feeding it trash the engine is going to run dirty and have suboptimal output right?

The solution?

Just eat the things your parents were telling you to eat as a kid.

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Lean meats & cheese.
  • Whole grains & complex…

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