How To Beat Frictions While Creating Content? | by Kamran Ali | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2024

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Most content creators, when writing or organizing their content, come across some hurdles or barriers that do not allow them to make their work more effective and productive.

Such restrictions just lessen the efficiency of their work.

To beat such frictions, you should find some ways and channels through which you can put your efforts to free yourself from such frictions.

I think, friction does not only reduce your productivity but it can heavily influence your plans, strategies, and directions, it makes things harder for you to observe.

Thus, briefly, I have explained here three ways that you can follow to beat your friction.

It’s not only a problem with content creators, there are other people from different disciplines and divisions running with this problem in their lives, and it is procrastination.

Procrastination is itself a kind of barrier ahead of your productivity, make sure to kick out this habit from your routine.

If you do this things will get better, if you do not escape this habit from your life, it will become much harder for you to manage your things.

Thus, try to make yourself an anti-procrastinator to make your things feel good.

Healthy plans do not mean your plans should be harder and rich, but I choose this word healthy in the sense that it makes you feel good to do your job, make your plans easy and achievable that you can understand and say yes I can do this.

If you answer yourself like that then it is good to go with such plans.

If your plans do not answer the questions like that, there is a need to reform your plan and make your plan healthy.

Discipline in your life is essential to reach your destiny.

Once you make yourself a pro-disciplined person, it means you are on the journey of defeating your frictions, you are on the journey of erasing your frictions.

So, make your life more disciplined, it can help you to turn your life around.

Once you make yourself disciplined, it means you are doing your tasks on time, and you are beating your frictions.

So, these are some of the ways that you can follow to make your things more progressive.

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