Blue Startups: Exploring Maritime Entrepreneurship (Part 1) | by Chaudhry Writes. | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2024

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Maritime Entrepreneurship — Lens Asia

Roadmap for developing Asian economies.

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This article is the first in the series Blue Startups focusing on Maritime Entrepreneurship in developing Asian nations.

The author is conducting detailed research (primary and secondary sources) on the topic and is sharing initial findings and results for the benefit of readers engaged in research on similar topics.

This is also an open call for collaboration.

All sources have been referenced/ cited per Medium Guidelines.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has various dimensions but can be broadly categorized as,

  • Ecopreneurship, dealing with environmental entrepreneurship.
  • Social entrepreneurship, securing societal solutions.
  • Institutional entrepreneurship to alter institutional settings.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is “a very innovative company startup supplying environmentally and/ or socially beneficial products and services with the potential to conquer a large part of the market.” ¹

Despite being driven by innovation; entrepreneurship requires sustainability as a business model and the viability of the resources being tapped into, as a key factor in its survivability and success.

The diverse nature of entrepreneurship provides space for imparting a regional or country-specific approach. The ecosystem of every society remains unique, and the success of startups can vary depending on the available conditions.

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The unique character of the maritime sector dictates certain special requirements essential for business success. The level of innovation and the social settings dictate the level of success a Blue Startup can attain. Therefore, it is imperative to comprehend the desired characteristics of an ecosystem for entrepreneurship to thrive in a maritime setting.

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