I’m Sorry, But You May Not Succeed at 25 | by Yuan VK | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2024

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Image by omer yousief from Pixabay

We all dreamed of success at a young age, like around 25.

When I was 18, I tried starting a YouTube channel and selling stuff online. I thought I’d be rich by 25. But now, at almost 24, I’m still unsure what to do.

Okay, fine. I’m getting older, and I’m becoming more realistic.

I think TV and social media have set our expectations too high.

We were growing up seeing Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence skyrocket in their twenties. And nowadays, young dudes driving Lamborghinis also pop up on our Instagram.

They seem to have a perfect life, but that’s not the life we all should have.

People generally live to around 72–73 years old. Let’s say if we’re in our 20s, we still have about 50 years ahead.

It’s cool to succeed before 25, but at this stage, many are still figuring things out — some in college, others working 9–5 jobs to get by.

You might think successful startup founders are genius 22-year-olds from Stanford, like Steve Jobs. But he’s just one in a million.

According to HBR, the average age of successful startup founders is 42 years old. Even the highest-growth companies are typically owned by 45-year-olds.

Older entrepreneurs do better because of their experience.

It’s kinda reminding me of my writing journey here on Medium.

I thought I’d hit 1000 followers in a month, like those inspiring stories. But in reality, it took me 4 months just to get 100.

The difference is, those skyrocketing writers write well already. They’ve probably written a ton elsewhere.

Forget about talent or luck. In real life, wisdom is more likely to work.

Image by Santiago Lacarta from Pixabay

Life is unpredictable. We can’t expect to succeed at a certain age because we never know how far we’ll go.

We can try A, B, and C, but if they don’t work, we’ll need to try something else.

From the TED Talk by David Epstein, this is known as the experimentation period.

For example, Duke Ellington, famous as a jazz composer, initially focused on baseball and painting.

Roger Federer, a former world number 1 tennis player, has tried sports like skiing, football, and badminton.

Even these exceptional figures didn’t find their best career right away. So why should we rush for success?

Is that because of money and fame, which will be perfect attain while young? I believe that’s media bias.

I’ve never find any wisdom saying, “Success is 90% of fun”.

Just cut back on TV, news, and social media. Let’s focus on our own lives. We should do what feels right and enjoy the process.

Nobody knows when or in what field we will succeed. But one thing is for sure: we’ll gain experiences and life lessons.

That’s what levels up life.

It’s not about who we are, but how we’ve become ourselves.

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