Marketing: How To Use The Eight Basic Marketing Functions Every Small-Town Business Owner Should Know | by Tom Egelhoff | Mar, 2024

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Marketing is More Than a Word — It’s a Process.

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When I tell people they must spend 80 percent of their time marketing their new business, their eyes always light up.

Marketing is a broad term encompassing a wide range of activities in your business.

Many people mistakenly believe that marketing is synonymous with advertising.

Marketing is more than advertising.

We need to explain the eight marketing functions to understand why you will spend 80 percent of your marketing time on your business.

Your business card could be an excellent way to distinguish between marketing and advertising. Marketing is the person to whom you give your business card.

You’re the Marketing Manager!

You’ll find that small businesses require you to wear many different hats.

You are the marketing manager or sales manager. You may also be the production manager, the personnel manager, the accountant, the dispatcher, and the person who sweeps the floor at night.

Whether you like them or not, all of the above functions fall under the small-town marketing umbrella.

I’m going to cover eight basic marketing functions. But I also need to include some tasks that people do not think are part of marketing.

Below are some examples of how marketing is related to the above.

Small Business Owners’ Duties

Sales Manager Marketing identifies the target market for sales and determines how to reach them.

Production manager –The marketing strategy will determine how much demand a product will have and how much it is necessary to purchase or produce.

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