AI Unleashed: Exploring the Transformative Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Business, Education, and Society | by VIVEK VISWANATHAN | Finance | Mar, 2024

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These days, artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a new tool; it’s a force that’s changing our economy and society.

This piece gives you a lot of useful information about the many ways that AI has changed things, from business models to moral problems.

We’ll talk about how AI is not just making waves but tidal waves in the world economy, challenging old rules and opening up possibilities that have never been seen before.

Come with me on this thought-provoking journey through the places where technology and people meet, marking a turning point in the history of change.

AI is not just an add-on for business plans; it is the plan itself.

For example, Amazon uses AI to make personalised suggestions and improve the efficiency of its operations.

The effect is that businesses have to change their processes and strategies to fit AI-based models.

The use of AI in education could completely change the way people are taught.

For example, Duolingo’s personalised learning routes use AI.

Effects: Adding AI to school programmes and business training could change the way traditional lessons are taught.

Rapid progress in AI brings up problems like losing control and moral issues.

Concerns about AI in digital privacy and ethics are reflected in the GDPR.

Effect: Calls for rules and morals to help properly handle the growth of AI.

The surprising skills of AI models come with risks that were not expected.

For example, Twitter’s method for cropping images is unfair.

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