7 Day Sleep Strategy That Works. Many of us experience a bout of sleep… | by Sooraj Mohammed | ILLUMINATION | Mar, 2024

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Many of us experience a bout of sleep troubles, tossing and turning, yearning for a few extra hours of rest, right? It’s a familiar situation we’ve all found ourselves in. After delving into countless YouTube videos on reclaiming my sleep, I decided to put a method to the test. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm for me. Give it a shot and drop a comment to share whether it did the trick for you too. I’d love to hear if you’ve found success with a different approach!

Day 1: The Early Bird Struggle

So, you had a less-than-perfect night’s sleep. The alarm clock is buzzing, and the idea of crawling out of bed seems like a Herculean task. But here’s the trick — resist that snooze button! Drag yourself out of bed early in the morning by 5 or 6 AM. It won’t be a walk in the park, and you might feel like a zombie, but embrace the challenge.

A day without good sleep feels like dragging through thick mud. Everything seems harder, like thinking and moving. It’s like having a cloud in your head that makes it tough to focus. Little things that are usually fine become annoying, and you just want to close your eyes and snooze. Even the fun stuff isn’t as fun. It’s like trying to enjoy a movie when you’re super tired — not easy. Overall, it’s a bit like trudging through a day with a heavy backpack filled with sleepiness.

Evening Ritual: Return to Bedtime

Come evening, return to your bed at the same time you did the night before. Set the mood — lights dim, phones off, eyes shut. It might still be a battle to sleep, but persist. Your body is getting the memo — a cycle is in the making.

Day 2: Deja Vu, Anyone?

Rinse and repeat. Get up at the same time, power through the day, and return to your cozy haven in the evening. You might curse the universe for your tiredness, but hey, you’re laying the groundwork for a sleep revolution.

Night Routine: A Familiar Dance

As the night falls, hop into bed at the same time. Despite the struggle, your body is starting to catch the drift. It might not be a magical overnight fix, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Day 3: The Turning Point

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