You’re Wasting 80% of Your Potential — Here’s Why | by Hammad Hassan | Writers’ Blokke | Mar, 2024

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. That “aha!” moment happens; a brilliant idea zaps into your mind.

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You feel this rush of excitement, imagining the possibilities. But then… life gets in the way.

Days turn into weeks, enthusiasm fades, and that brilliant idea? Still just a thought in your head.

Sound familiar?

We waste so much potential by letting ideas wither before we give them a chance. Today, we’re going to change that.

My Idea-to-Action Problem

I used to be the king of unfinished projects.

Remember that app idea I had back in college? The one that could’ve been super useful? It’s still in a dusty notebook somewhere. Why?

I got stuck in planning mode, wanting everything to be perfect before even starting. Sound familiar?

Then there was that time I finally launched a side project, but months in, I doubted myself and let it fizzle out.

Talk about missed opportunities! I’d get these bursts of inspiration, but there was a huge gap between the idea and making it happen.

One day I was fed up.

I realized how much of my potential I was wasting just by hesitating. It was time to start doing, not just dreaming.

Why Do We Wait?

Let’s break down why we get stuck:

  • Fear of Failure: It’s scary to put yourself out there. What if it flops? But remember, not trying is a guaranteed failure.
  • Perfection Paralysis: We obsess over making something flawless before launch. News flash: it’ll never be perfect!
  • The Fog of Uncertainty: Not having a super clear plan can make it hard to take that first step.

Action-Focused Strategies

Here’s what helped me (and can help you) bridge that idea-to-execution gap:

  • Start Messy with an MVP: MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It means focusing on the core of your idea, even if it’s rough around the edges. Get something out there fast!

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