Why is consistency so hard?. I was so good at writing every day. | by Demario Isley Najarro | Mar, 2024

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I was so good at writing every day.

Then what happened?

Did I fall out of love for it? Was I bored? Not seeing that much traction?

Maybe it is all 3 of those things.

I wanted to be a full-time writer on Medium so bad back then, but now I don’t know.

It might just be the way my brain works where I want to do all these creative things that I just don’t stick with one thing.

As there are a lot of moving parts in my life right now. Writing feels like the outlet I need.

Of course, the possibility of making money doing this is always on the back of my mind.

I know the only way I would ever see a dime on this platform is to do one thing.


That’s all to it.

If you show up every day you will see improvements.

More followers, more engagements, more claps, and so on.

When I first started writing and was telling family and friends they wanted to see my work and in hindsight, I didn’t see it but it was people who wanted to see what I was writing about because they were interested in seeing it.

If those people are curious about what I am writing about then why can’t there people on the internet have the same thoughts?

Once I moved back home to LA I thought I was going to have the fire and passion to keep it pushing and just get out as much content as possible. That wasn’t the case.

I am not going to beat myself up over, it because I can always jump back into it.

Here is my writing process from here on out; maybe this can help others.

1. Take breaks if needed or feel like.

This can mean whenever you want. Do you feel like there is something you want to write about? Do it. Do you feel like not writing for a couple of weeks/months? That’s okay.

2. Try not to get too attached to the numbers.

As much as we all say we don’t care about the numbers. We do a little. I mean c’mon if we are writing for the public to see, we want some people to see and not only that but seeing the numbers increase over time. I would say, “I don’t look at the numbers and just wrote to write.” to an extent, yes. But, we all look at them from time to time. Just don’t get attached to them too much.

3. Trust the process.

Eventually, with consistent writing and improvement of your writing, you should be able to get there. We see it all day not only on Medium but other platforms the way people got where they are is because not only were they consistent, but they treated the process and the process returned.

4. Set goals in writing.

As I said write when you feel like it. I think there can also be aside of things where you create goals on how much you will write in that session or even that month. If you are a goal-inspired person then setting target goals can be helpful. I mean, look at the top companies in the world they have goals that are set and they try to meet those goals. When they do this they see exceptional growth in their returns.

5. Your writing doesn’t have to be long.

I always would struggle with this one especially. “Am I writing enough?” or “I need to write more to make it a longer read.” I would just fill it with random words and longer sentences to drag on the page. I’ve seen a lot of success with shorter writing than some longer ones. Just write till it gets your message across. The attention span for humans isn’t even that long anyway…

Well, here is my first post in months and it feels good to write this and share it.

May you find success in 2024. Cheers.

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