Why Books Are So Important To Our Wellbeing — And Why You Need To Read More | by Mark Wadsley | Write A Catalyst | Mar, 2024

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Ever since I was a child, I have always had a fascination with books.

The way it told stories about people, the way you could imagine a scenario being played out in your head, the way you could convey your message to millions of people.

That ability is so significant, and I don’t think people realize the power behind it.

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At the end of 2020, I promised myself I would read regularly on finance, self-development, entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

I’ve read over 50 books since, including books from authors such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, and Grant Cardone, and all of these books have taught me at least one thing from them.

People ask: “Why would I read 100–500 pages to learn just one thing?”

It’s quite simple — reading 20 books in a year has helped me learn (at the very least) 20 new things, which means that I am now a more understanding, wiser person.

My mindset on many subjects has completely shifted in the right direction, and I’m a much better person.

I feel that people view books as outdated, taking too long to read, not interesting enough, and plenty more.

This is why audiobooks are now a thing.

I’m not a fan of audiobooks. I lose focus easily with them and never remember much of the information.

I can completely understand that it may be the polar opposite for some people — but for me, there’s nothing better than having a physical copy of a book to learn from.

This leads me to another problem with the whole idea of books.

If you go into Asda, Tesco, and other supermarkets, there are story books and autobiographies, but never any self-development books.

This leads me to question why.

Is this why many people — especially in my generation — don’t like to read?

Is this why people find books boring — because Netflix is now the alternative?

You can’t find the things I have learned from self-development books on Netflix.

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