Time Savers: Cut Out These 4 Chores | by Mikaylah Davis | Mar, 2024

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Easy ways to save time every day!

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Do you ever find yourself longing for a world where days stretch to 30 hours and weeks span an extra day? Are you baffled by the way that time seems to slip like sand through your fingers, leaving you perpetually one step behind the rest of the world? It’s a familiar dance for many of us, caught in the rapid tempo of modern life. From the tireless workaholic to the superhero stay-at-home parent, to the visionary entrepreneur, the refrain is much the same — we need more time. What if I told you that the solution lies within the very walls of your home? Here are four ingenious household items designed to reclaim your lost hours and help you get one step ahead.

No, this isn’t clickbait! These four chores take up a significant portion of your day and there are household products that can help you reduce the time you spend on them.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

(Saves Approx. 20 minutes a day)

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I’m a busy work-from-home mom with a 6-month-old baby. Fitting work, playtime, house cleaning, and cooking into my day is enough of a challenge, let alone remembering to water every single plant in my entire house as well. That is why, when I discovered these planters on Amazon, I immediately switched! It has saved me so much time! You simply pour water into the outer pot and then the wick in the inner pot waters your plants. Genius! Now I only have to remember to water them when the outer pot is empty, normally about once a week.

(Saves Approx. 24 minutes a day)

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You’d be shocked by how much time it takes in the morning to go to the kitchen, get your coffee beans out, and French press them. Not to mention getting a mug and trying to find where your spouse left the sugar bowl when you are half asleep.

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