This is why you experience burnout at the work | by Panda35 | Mar, 2024

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If you feel emotionally exhausted, tired, stressed out and irritated for a long time, you may be burnt out.

Emotional burnout is becoming a pandemic nowadays. Of course, many aspects influence this: a lot of work, stress, constantly changing market demands. But what are the deep reasons for this phenomenon , a cornerstone of the problem?

There’s a very important thing, that people sometimes forget about — values. You have certain inclinations, interests and ideas about what is good and bad. If you do things that you enjoy to do, if you become imbued with this job, if you not just perform automatically your duties, you will burn out less. And if you betray your own values, burning out won’t keep you waiting.

Let’s imagine our character. He is a positive and cheerful fellow guy. He gets a job in the sales department of some company because he needs funds to live. His qualities turn out to be great for promoting the company in social media and communicating with clients.

He makes videos in TikTok, charms clients effortlessly, the popularity of the company grows up rapidly.

Eventually that guy becomes the head of the SMM and content marketing department.

At that position, he can no longer engage in creativity. Instead of making his favorite shorts for TikTok, he makes plans, coordinates estimates, recruits other talents. And although he manages to cope with these tasks, it still overwhelms him.

He says: “I’m an adult with significant role, amusing videos are no longer necessary. I have to think about management skills…”. Well, he burns out.

Why do people betray their values?

Mainly because they don’t have clear understanding of their values. Something makes them happy, something no, people don’t really pay much attention to this, they more on common rules, beliefs. Like “I have to do something serious at my age”, “I should run my own business”, “I need to work at the big firm”, “I should rather work at the office, than on a farm” etc.

Imagine that you don’t have to earn money. You are provided for the rest of your life and you have everything you need for learning and development. What would you do in this case?

Make a list of what you really enjoy to do and what you hate to do. Think back to your childhood, who did you want to become? I don’t mean you should do that very profession that you dreamed of, because it’s not always possible, I rather suggest you think what qualities and specifics of that profession you were attracted to. Don’t be afraid to search yourself and try new activities!

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