How I build a network of 25 simple tools that make me money | by Matt Merrick | Mar, 2024

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It was a few years ago when I stumbled upon calculator dot net and thought this is so simple & the traffic is insane. There has to be others like this.

So I set out looking to build websites that were simple. How simple?

1 page simple… think word counters , image resizers, countdown timers. etc.

Turns out there are hundreds of these little sites on the web. Getting millions of views doing something that could take even a none coder minutes to make.

Anyway… I have created 25 of these apps now and am tracking them monthly to see how they perform. I only recently started seeing real traffic on a few. of them. But for something I coded in an hour 1 year ago is crazy that it now gets it proper traffic.

For the ones who had low competition, I started ranking for them in weeks. But those don’t bring in much traffic 200/visits a month. Still it’s something and I haven’t touched the site since I launched it.

This proved my concept, the best part about most of these is AI won’t “take over”. Yes it can answer it but most people search for it not go to ChatGPT and ask the question.

So why am I telling you all this?

Here is a few things I’ve learned:

  1. Find a sub- niche because 99% of the time the main niche is over saturated. (Example — don’t do image resizers do banner resizers
  2. 2. Build stuff everyone will use (example : don’t build for the indie hacker community only and rely on them. Build for the everyday user they have less competition as majority won’t upgrade )
  3. 3. Keep going and if it’s not a success day 1 doesn’t mean it’s a failure
  4. 4. Find a problem to solve and do it really well and only do that 1 thing. (Example — they just remove backgrounds and do a great job and is why they got acquired by canva)
  5. 5. Listen to feedback on other competitors and do what they won’t.
  6. 6. Think what the younger generation knows nothing about/vise versa(example is how to write a check. Someone who reads this needs to take that keyword and build a site all around it. Can even do some pSEO and find keywords like how to write a check for $1000 etc

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