Enchanted media: Cybernetics, Cognition, and the Art of Fairytales | by Rob Gartner | Mar, 2024

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“Curiouser and curiouser!” — Lewis Carroll

What type of fairytales are you being told?

Step into the magical blend of fairy tales, neuroscience, and technology. Discover how these elements can significantly enhance your life. By delving into imaginative stories, you can sharpen your problem-solving skills both at work and home. Embracing a multi-dimensional perspective aids in making well-informed decisions and navigating life’s intricacies. Immersing yourself in fanciful stories not only provides stress relief and inspiration but also improves your creativity, communication, and thinking skills. Brace yourself for an enriching journey!

Once upon a captivating exploration, the timeless enchantment of fairytales unfolded alongside the intricate revelations of cognitive science and the dynamic principles of cybernetics. In this narrative symphony, the realms of imagination and the narrative code of reality danced in harmony, revealing the intricate connections that twist through the montage of storytelling.

In the realm of fairytales, where dragons soar and princesses and politicians embark on heroic journeys, cognitive science serves as a guiding lantern illuminating the mindscape of imagination. These enchanting narratives take us into fantastical landscapes and introduce us to magical characters, providing insight into the depths of human perception and creativity. Similarly, in international relations, Western nations often pursue diplomatic ventures that could be likened to whimsical fairytales. Fuelled by enchantment and wishful thinking, these policies involve improbable alliances and idealistic resolutions that blur the line between optimism and naivety. Like mystical elements in fairytales, some strategies rely on the power of hope rather than a realistic understanding.

As characters navigate enchanted forests, political rallies and face mythical challenges, the cognitive symphony of perception, attention, and memory unfolds. Like cognitive experiments, fairytales engage the reader’s mind in a dance of cognitive processes. The whimsical scenarios become a canvas for the imagination, a mindscape where neural networks fire, synapses spark, and readers traverse the fantastical

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